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About Us A modern service for working with cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is no longer the future, but it is already the present. Digitalization, which until recently we could not have thought about, has come. Suny Group is developing its own cryptocurrency wallet, which will have a competitive edge over other wallets. First of all, these are practically zero commissions for the deposit / withdrawal of fiat money. Instant exchange of any cryptocurrency within the application. Affiliate program for active users. Earn cashback from your team transactions. Suny Wallet is a completely anonymous wallet with the ability to connect a bitcoin mixer. We value the anonymity of our users. Buy cryptocurrency with just a few clicks. It has never been so easy to become the owner of a cryptocurrency.
Sunny Card Suny Group is in the process of issuing its cryptocurrency card. Become part of the company with us. Using cryptocurrency is easy! Top up your Suny Card balance with cryptocurrency in order to make purchases all over the world, transfer money to bank cards, and also withdraw cash from ATMs anywhere in the world. Replenish your card with BTC, ETH, USDT, TRX or LTC cryptocurrency and the balance will instantly be converted at the dollar exchange rate. In the future, support for other cryptocurrencies will be expanded. Transfers between Suny Cards are completely interest-free. In just a few clicks. Online support works 24/7 to help you with any issue you might have.
Card info We do not ask you for the origin of your funds, so be sure that being somewhere abroad, your card will not be blocked, and you will not be asked for any additional information like banks do. We value anonymity, while banks are increasingly trying to regulate financial flows. It will also be possible to replenish the card in Suny ATM terminals for cash and without any commissions. Very convenient and cost-effective for Suny Cards cardholders.
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Property Suny Group is preparing to launch a company to buy, sell and rent real estate around the world for cryptocurrency. You can become the owner of any apartment, house or office building without providing any documents of the origin of your funds. Suny Estate will help you choose the property at the best price. Buy your dream with us. A fixed rate at the moment of registration of the transaction will allow you to avoid unnecessary costs and waiting time while the cryptocurrency is converted. There are additional discounts when making a deal for Suny Token. Suny Estate is your modern assistant in real estate selection.
Suny ATM Suny Group develops modern proprietary cryptocurrency ATMs. Suny's ATMs will support both the purchase and the sale of cryptocurrency. There are no restrictions on the purchase, you can buy as much cryptocurrency as the terminal can accept cash. A wide selection of cryptocurrencies to buy. Buy not only Bitcoin, but other altcoins as well. More than 10 different cryptocurrencies, with the possibility of expanding this list.
Suny ATM advantages One of the biggest advantages of a cryptocurrency ATM is anonymity. No one will know that you have bought or sold cryptocurrency. The API allows you to work directly with a cryptocurrency exchange, which allows you to work in the market of any country without the introduction of additional intermediaries and buy without conversion losses. Using the exchange API, Suny ATM buys out a counter sell order at the best price in the order list and sends the cryptocurrency to the wallet specified by the buyer.
Suny ATM purchase You can buy an ATM and earn commissions from transactions. We will deliver, configure and teach you how to use the company's ATMs. Moreover, Suny Group is developing a co-ownership ATM program. Each user will be able to get a share in the ownership of the ATM. The possibility of renting an ATM and support from our technical department will also be available.